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As an early advocate of law office automation, Mr. Noble from the very earliest days of Hot Docs, has worked to create estate planning and probate and trust administration templates for his own law practice. The templates being offered in these template set are the culmination of years of trial and error experience in an active estate planning and probate and trust administration practice and are designed to work in the real world. The latest version of the templates has been thoroughly vetted by Barron Henley at Affinity Consulting), a leading expert in Hot Docs and Word, who is a frequent lecturer to bar associations and other lawyer organizations (including the Oregon Professional Liability Fund) on law office automation. Mr. Noble established NobleForms, LLC, to enable him to offer these Oregon specific estate planning and probate and trust administration templates to other Oregon attorneys. In past years many Oregon attorneys used the Vollmar estate planning forms created by Professor Valerie Vollmar at Willamette University College of Law. Unfortunately, Professor Vollmar has retired and the forms are not being updated. Also, and most importantly for today’s practitioner, the Vollmar forms were never automated. Another resource for Oregon attorneys are the estate planning templates offered by Wealth Counsel. Unfortunately, the annual cost of Wealth Counsel (over $5,000 per year) is just too expensive for most Oregon attorneys. At a subscription cost of $100 per month or $1,000 per year, NobleForms is a cost-effective alternative. A very important part of that estate planning is obtaining and utilizing information about assets owned by the client. The ASSET SPREADSHEET TEMPLATE, which is unique to NobleForms,LLC, produces a spreadsheet which documents the assets owned by the client, the current value of the asset and who will own the asset after funding of the trust. The FUNDING TEMPLATE, which is also unique to NobleForms, LLC, then takes the data collected and saved in the production of the Spreadsheet, and produces all the funding documents in one Word document. The TRUST TEMPLATE will produce any type of revocable trust in any possible variation with any type of distribution pattern. The practitioner simply answers the questions in the interview and the document is produced. The result is a very unique document. The probate and estate planning templates were added to NobleFoms, LLC in 2021. They are the only automated Oregon-specific probate and trust administration templates available to Oregon attorneys. Taken as a whole, the templates allow the practitioner to automate the work flow of a probate and trust administration practice from intake to the final bill. To learn more about NobleForms, LLC and the estate planning and probate and trust administration templates visit


NobleForms LLC Oregon Estate Planning

A complete template system allowing Oregon attorneys to automate their estate planning practice.

Oregon Probate and Trust Administration

Oregon Probate and Trust Administration