Illinois State Bar Association

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The premiere voluntary legal association in Illinois. The law evolves. New legislation passes. Emerging technologies change how we practice. We provide our 30,000+ members with the tools and research they need to not only meet these challenges, but to do so more affordably and more effectively. Here’s how… - Free Online Legal Research: Unlimited free access via the Fastcase Premium-Plan Library (Mobile-Friendly) - Free Online CLE: Meet your 30-hour MCLE requirement over a 2 year period (Choose from 500+ Hours) - Daily Case Digests & Legal News: New decisions sent to your Inbox via E-Clips - Affordable Document Assembly: Cloud-based, Illinois-specific forms via IllinoisDocs Learn more at Licensed in Illinois? We invite you to join and connect with us today. We look forward to helping you and your practice, now and in the years to come. “E-Clips to be CURRENT TODAY. CLE for TOMORROW’S PRACTICE. And participating in a community of great lawyers for a LIFETIME. #isbabenefits” (Carl Newman / ISBA Member Since 2011)

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ISBA's member-only document assembly system, with Illinois-specific forms.