Nebraska State Bar Association

The Nebraska State Bar Association works for Nebraska lawyers to help them achieve the highest standards of competence, ethics and professionalism and to protect and promote the administration of and access to justice.

In meeting that mission, the NSBA strives to demonstrate:
• Integrity: Do what is right. Be honest. Be ethical.
• Respect: Value the perspective and contributions of others. Promote respect for the law and the profession.
• Accountability: Do what you say. Be transparent. Take responsibility for performance, decisions, and actions.
• Service: Fulfill our obligations to our members, the profession, the courts, and the public. Be responsive.
• Inclusion: Value all our members and promote the strengths that come from our differences, including our diverse backgrounds, circumstances, and geographic and practice settings.

The Nebraska State Bar Association is a professional association of lawyers and judges dedicated to improving the administration of justice. Its offices are located on the second floor of the Roman L. Hruska Law Center at 635 S. 14th St., Lincoln, NE 68508.

A House of Delegates and an Executive Council govern the NSBA. The House of Delegates has members elected based on representation and is the official policy-making body of the profession in Nebraska. The Executive Council consists of one delegate elected from each of Nebraska's six Supreme Court districts, a chair and chair-elect elected by the House of Delegates, and a president, president-elect, president-elect designate and immediate past president elected by active members. .

A professional staff supports the work of the Nebraska State Bar Association. Here are the Rules creating and controlling the NSBA, and the Bylaws of the NSBA (Adopted January, 2015).

For support or information please contact: (402) 475-7091



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