Rocket Docket

Rocket Docket is an innovative legal document assembly software that creates ready-to-print legal documents and forms from simple interviews powered by HotDocs. Using simple fill-in-the-blank interviews to collect case information and contacts, Rocket Docket merges all of your information into letters and forms with easy mouse click selections.

Rocket Docket forms fully automate Business, Criminal, CPLR, Divorce, Family Court,Real Estate Transactions, Foreclosures, Evictions and many other daily tasks.

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Rocket Docket Business Forms (NY)

New York Business Forms
Rocket Docket CPLR Forms (NY)

New York Civil Practice (CPLR)
Rocket Docket Criminal Forms (NY)

Criminal Forms - New York
Rocket Docket Divorce Forms (NY)

New York Divorce Forms
Rocket Docket Eviction Forms (NY)

New York Eviction Forms
Rocket Docket Real Estate Forms (NY)

New York Real Estate Forms
Rocket Docket Surrogates Forms (NY)

New York Surrogates Court Forms
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