HotDocs Market is a cloud-based service designed for legal professionals who require an intelligent and comprehensive solution for document assembly. HotDocs Market is the premier source for accurate, cost-efficient, user friendly forms crafted by commercial legal publishers, state bar associations and subject matter experts. Complete contracts within minutes and enjoy instant updates to templates from the publishers.

Expertly Crafted Templates

Professional, authoritative templates designed by and for legal professionals are readily available on any web-enabled device. State-specific documents, mandatory court forms, addendums and other appropriate support documents are part of the subscription. Subscribing is simple – simply select your product, choose a pricing option, and checkout. You now have a library of legal templates at your fingertips, giving you freedom to spend time with your clients instead of creating forms.

Industry Experts

Experienced publishers, ranging from bar associations to commercial publishers to specialists in niche practice areas, bring a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise to HotDocs Market. Form updates and revisions are automatically available through your HotDocs Market account.

Automated with HotDocs

The cloud-based solution for HotDocs Market and the forms products enables you to access the website from a wide range of devices and locations.

Did you know?

You can use your content in other applications.

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