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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an account?

Click Register in the top right hand corner of the Market window; then type in your details and type in the CAPTCHA information. You have to check the box to accept the terms and conditions and click Create Account to finish. You can edit these details later by going to My Account and opening the My Details tab.

How do I purchase a subscription?

Once you have logged in, on the site ribbon click MARKET. Select the template you want from the product list to view the product details and click Add to Cart. Continue to add templates to your shopping cart using this method until you have completed your shopping. After adding the last template to your shopping cart, click Proceed to Checkout. (You can access your shopping cart at any time by clicking Cart from the options at the top of the window). Type in your billing details and confirm your order as prompted. Once you complete the transaction you can go to My Account to start using the template.

How do I purchase additional subscriptions?

If you already subscribe to a product and would like to purchase additional subscriptions of the same product for other people at your company, at the top of the page, select My Account and from the My Subscriptions table click License Options next to your chosen product. Select Purchase more users from the drop-down list. Add the product to your cart and continue through the purchasing method as before.

How do I share content with another person?

Once you have purchased more than one subscription to a product, you can share the additional subscriptions with other people. At My Account go to Content Sharing. Next to the product you want to share, click Manage Sharing. Type in the email address of the person you want to receive your additional subscription and HotDocs Market sends an email stating you are sharing HotDocs content and instructing them to log into the Market using this email address.

Note: You can also revoke a person’s access to your shared content from this same dialog.

How do I use a template?

Once you have logged in, go to My Account and from the My Subscriptions table click the title of the product you want to use. From the template list, select the template you wish to use. You can now choose from the following options:

  • Start a New Session: Clicking Create New Session starts an interview for your chosen template. Complete the interview questions following the on-screen instructions.
  • Upload an answer file: Click Upload File to browse to select an existing HotDocs answer file (.anx) to populate the answer fields of the interview. Once you have selected a HotDocs answer file, click Begin Interview to check your uploaded answers and add any additional information.
  • Use Existing Session: If you have used this template before, you can click Select Session to choose the previously saved session you want to re-open.

When you have finished entering information click Finish. HotDocs Market assembles your document; you then have thirty minutes to download the finished document.

How do I use my working sessions?

HotDocs Market saves a completed session when you finish an interview. Alternatively, after 30 seconds the interview automatically saves your answers and you are able to return to it as a working session if you leave the page. You can also save your answers at any point by clicking Save Answers.

To use a saved session, at the top of the page click My Account. On the Overview tab you can see the Latest Working Sessions table. This table shows the templates you have recently worked on. Choose from All, In Progress, or Completed sessions. Click on a session name to continue an interview or visit a completed interview to assemble another document. Alternatively, click Actions to: Open and re-start the interview from where you saved your answers previously, Delete the existing session, or Rename the existing session

You can choose to stop HotDocs Market from saving your working sessions. At the top of the page click My Account. On the My Details tab, in the Preferences option list, click Interview Options and de-select Enable interview answer save feature. Click Save to confirm the change.